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With so many organizations competing for the same fund raising dollars, we want to make sure your choice of mediums is a good fit, and is done in a way that will inspire your benefactors to act. Careful thought and consideration must be used in choosing a package that will yield the greatest response from your particular demographic

We specialize in creating a package that fits your organization in both cost and impact. Knowing the process and the options available is the first step to any successful campaign. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through this operation and help create the best appeal for your organization.

Improve Your Appeal

  • Identify your donors - Who gives the most, where do they live and why do they give?
  • Present your message - Choose a suitable style that will appeal to your donors.
  • Track the results - Gather data to help you determine which appeals were most effective.
  • Fine tune the program - Tailor the appeal to build off of what has worked.
  • Expand the effort - Find potential donors in groups similar to your existing donor list.

So Many Options... Which Appeals to You?

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